Friday, July 10, 2009

Dear Everyone, Stop Asking Me, "What is Twitter?"

I'm so tired of being asked What is twitter!! I am a twitter enthusiast not a twitter advocate, lets just get that straight. It seems routine these days that I get asked to explain my twitter habit or put in a position to defend my use of twitter. WTF?!?

It's clear to me that twitter as a community, as a website, and as a service is misunderstood. Maybe this is the reason I am drawn to it, because I myself am often misunderstood. In any case, Twitter is diferent for everyone depending on how you use it. It can be used as a social networking site, a business networking site, a marketing site, it could also be used to feed your ego if you are a celebrity or I mean keep your fans up to date. There are a myriad of uses for the site. It is also a new outlet for breaking news, as well as the pulse of the internet.

Me personally I just have fun with it. I stay engaged with my followers and provide sarcasm through random #hashtag usage. I also gain pleasure from gaining followers, I am a whore for new followers, I like meeting new people and learning from them. There are several issues that I was unaware of previous to my twitter use. Overall I use twitter as a creative outlet believe it or not as well as a way to get to know people.

But to begin my RANT: Stop asking me what twitter is!! If you can't simply Google it or Wiki it you don't need to know. I should not have to explain a simple website/service to everyone just because I use it! GFDI!! Seriously I get real annoyed when people think it like a endless stream of facebook status updates, and that I'm constantly telling the internet what I'm doing! If that was all that twitter was it would be really sad. Also I should not have to defend my twitter usage to someone that is ignorant and think that it is a waste of time. I am not on a computer or Iphone constantly twittering if I was it might be a waste of time, however I spend primarily the late evening hours doing it and usually while my family sleeps.(there are various web-sites that track twitter stats and that can be independentally verified.)

So in conclusion: to all you ignorant ass people STOP ASKING ME WHAT TWITTER IS!!