Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Social Networking: The New Big Brother?

You know? We used to be so scared that someone was going to monitor our phone calls and read our emails! Mhm? Well now with the invent and popularization of social networking sites, we broadcast that shit! Hell I know when a lot of people go to lunch, where they go and what they eat! ...But even worse I know when some people go to the bathroom and what sites they visit on the Internet and what they are watching on TV. Why? Because this information is volunteered!

Not that I really care its not like people are broadcasting their social security numbers but and however, Is it smart to let the interweb know our every thought and move? ...that's rhetorical meant for you to think about don't answer that shit! And the shitty thing is the government isn't using this information to profile terrorist or some shit: some asshole in a marketing firm at an ad agency is analyzing this data to strategize the best way to leverage this publicly held information to SELL US MORE SHIT!! ...or make us watch some bullshit reality show or visit some bullshit website. It's so blatant and disgusting.

In any case I think that there is a significant chunk of the population that this is unaware of the fact that is capitalism. Not that I strongly object or am going to boycott social networking. Hell no I'm a goddamn sheep! Plus I absolutely love the shit. I eat it up. I am actually captivated. I live to read what Tila Tequilla tweets or when this girl on facebook goes to lunch. I love filling my head with useless information. I can't say its useless I'm not gonna leverage it to sell you shit but and however, I am probably going to use it to manipulate you at some point. You know the Jedi mindtrick... that ol' chestnut. Because I'm an asshole like that.

Happy Posting on the interweb watch out for big brother or me!!

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