Monday, May 11, 2009

#followfriday is dead long live #PhotoFollows

This Friday it became glaringly obvious to me that #followfriday was dead. I was reminded several time that nobody reads the endless stream of lists and lists of twitterers, much less actually follows them. This point was emphasized when several tweople recommended me for #followfriday most of whom were not even following me, WTF?

So @OriginalOG invented #PhotoFollows. #PhotoFollows is basically a personal and thoughtful recommendation as opposed to a list that of reccomendations that no one will read. In order to participate in #PhotoFollows one must simply be creative and make a sign with the @ of the tweep they're reccommmending, take a picture of the sign and tweet it with the hash tag #PhotoFollows. Simple enough?

Try it. Be creative. The sky is the limit.

Also follow @OriginalOG as well as my #PhotoFollow pick @parksdesign



  1. awesome! photo follow friday live on!

  2. damn, it was efing hard to leave a comment! LOL, ... Tight security!

  3. I'm trying to do one of these but I can't find a magic marker big enough to write on my ass.