Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thicker Skin

The most prevalent thing in the world today is other people’s opinions,

Posted on the internet, spewed verbally like a web rhetoric and carefully spun

It wouldn’t be bad or even annoying if they were at all constructive

But most of the time they are ignorant and self-serving and ultimately destructive

The only cure would be thicker skin it’s a prerequisite to the world we live in

With so many hurtful words and so many thoughtless souls

You can’t help but develop thicker skin

Every day there are careless jokes and frivolous kidding that wears you down

An abundance of thoughtless word being tossed in and thrown around

Insults covered in sarcastic wit how could that hurt one bit said interrogatively

Laced with just the slightest bit of truth could be the only possibility

You can’t help but develop thicker skin, it’s a total must for the world we live in

With so many witty comment, comeback and stupid jokes

You can’t help but develop thicker skin

They say the truth hurts and it very true because truth is what bind us together

The words that we say and relationship made will last forever

We all make mistakes and are predisposed to sin its problem that is universal

But it no excuse to leverage them to hurt each other

Truth be told you need thicker skin to believe and thicker skin to empathize

We wouldn’t need thicker skin if we saw the world from each other’s eyes?

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  1. My writing is just a snapshot of a moment or a thought or a point of inspiration and not indicative of my overall feelings