Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make Change! Don't let change make you.

If your life a constant stream of complaints and “what ifs” you may want to listen up.

There is a simple answer that will eliminate the problem that we are speaking of,

Your wasted word will not change a thing, so try not to complain

Dwelling on every little problem will drive you insane.

Because results come from actions not from words!

Be smart analyze the situation and start planning

Shut your mouth and do the damn thing!

There are many situations we encounter daily that can become frustrating,

Don’t give in to circumstance be proactive and don’t settle for settling!

You can either make things happen or let things happen depending on what you do

It’s better to make change then to let change make you

Remember results come from action and not from words!

Set your expectations high, embrace prosperity.

Then shut your mouth and do the damn thing!

Attitude is everything has become so cliché,

Mostly because it’s a true statement that’s how it got that way.

You need to start making your own change stop letting change make you

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