Monday, April 6, 2009

Dropping the ball since 1908

So begins a new baseball season and as a life-long Cub's fan another chance to be disappointed! "This is our year" will soon turn into "there is always next year" which will in turn to "this will be our year?" WTF!?!? Yea I know we've got a good squad and we had one of the best records in baseball last year, however there is more to winning than talent. Winning is an attitude.
I feel very strongly about the Cubbie's and I think about Harry Caray nearly everyday. If he were here he'd say "holy cow" and then reference something being spelled backwards ..Oh and than he'd be disappointed that its been over a century since we have won the world series.
We could talk about goats and curses and Steve Bartman and about how Zambrano punched Michael Barret in his face but lets face it. We're losers. ...Lovable losers but losers none the less. I'm a loser. I bleed Cubbie blue. Let's just embrace our paradigm, lets not try to shift into a championship winning franchise, We can let the Yankees have that.
So I'm Going to tune in tonight to watch the cubs and pretty much watch every televised game that I can and root root root for the Cubbies...
...and get disappointed bacause We've been dropping the ball since 1908!!

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