Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bye Circuit City Hello HH Gregg.

With every ending there brings a new beginning, that being said I'll call this change. Change brings trepidation. I'm not gonna lie, I am confident, intelligent, full of myself, brilliant and secure, but and however, I am not immune to the fear and uneasiness that change brings. I often say no one needs to freak out till I start freaking out. I am not quite there yet.
Little Background: Not more than 2 years ago I started a project with a new company that I thought was solid, as well as the next big thing. #epicfail! In January this company folded and liquidated and the team that I hand-picked and grew was not only dispersed but unemployed as was I. Now I told myself that there was one place that I wanted to work and that was where I was going to aim. Well I hit it.
I've got the job I want, not necessarily the terms that I want but anything beats having my wife nervously pestering me on the regular. So begins a new chapter in this story that is "my so called fucked up life." I am genuinely excited and nervous. I am both happy and sad. I am little more than overwhelmed by my sense of resolve and the soap opera that was the process from me walking into someone Else's business and telling them that they are going to hire me to accepting the job.
So change is constant and ever looming in every situation, and I am glad to have a job again but wish it was the job I had. There are a multitude yet a myriad of emotions and logical thoughts running up and down my being. Could I be more incoherent? In any case. It's a change for the better.

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  1. I hope things go well at your new job. I hate change too. I've worked at Nationwide for 6 years in August. I can't imagine working somewhere else. I would probably have to be put on benzos to handle it.